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Uniquely Tailored Public House & Restaurant Insurance Packages

If you operate in the licensed trade within, you will need specialist insurance advice that Everett Mead can provide. With our uniquely tailored public house and restaurant insurance packages we can give you the exact level of cover you need.

When running a pub or restaurant, you face a variety of risks that can endanger the viability of your business. Due to the nature of your clientele and manner of operation—long hours, late closing times, crowded premises are a number of risks you’re exposed to.

Purchasing appropriate cover can help mitigate risk and ensure your safety and also the safety of your employees and customers. Because not all pubs and restaurants operate the same way, covers can widely vary. Insurance should be tailored for each individual business, so make sure you assess the specific risks of your pub and purchase the appropriate covers or extensions which we can help you identify.

Securing appropriate cover for your pub can be a tough task. You need to assess the individual needs of your business and construct a bespoke policy that protects against your specific risks. Typical policies include:
• Public Liability
• Employers Liability
• Fixtures and Fittings
• Personal Contents, if you live on-site
• Stock, inc. Seasonal Increases
• Business Interruption (12, 24 and 36 months)
• Building Cover, if required
• Money and Cash, Inc. Fruit Machines
• Loss of License
• Legal Expenses.


Why choose Everett Mead?

We like to get to know our clients to ensure we meet their expectations and needs. All of our clients have a dedicated Account Manager so the person you speak with when you first contact Everett Mead is the person who will assist you through the lifetime of your insurance policy. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service and with a keen eye for detail, we also offer an insight into areas that clients may not have considered.

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